Shattered Realms of Khürn

Delving into the tunnels

We start out standing in front of a set of doors, which Barrel opens with his usual skill. We go through the tunnel a ways, and Whil hears something from behind- 6 automaton spiders that rush us! We fight bravely, and each of us kills at least one spider. Barrel tinkers with the bodies while the party regroups. Upon closer inspection, one of the spiders has an insignia stamped on it. A date 500 years in the past, and the letters W. F.

The party keeps going, and comes to a junction with smaller tunnels leading off to the right and left. While we are discussing wether we should continue down the main causeway or explore a side passage, we are greeted by 3 floating lights. They say “Liberators! Welcome to Numere! We are diplomats, follow us! We will take you to Wolfgang and the central shaft!” Van senses their motives are not to be trusted (they are trying to be helpful, but are being too nice), and quietly warns the rest of the party to be on their guard.

We follow the lights for a while, and come to another set of doors. We try to open them, but the snake-like cables bracketing the doors start attacking us! The 3 lights vanish, and we are left to our own devices. We beat the cables soundly, and upon inspection of the area post-battle, we come across the bodies of some previous adventurers (I can’t find Gunnar’s notes about this, and can’t remember the details. Van knows they are one of the groups sent to investigate the disappearance of a settlement, she probably would have mentioned that to the party).

We proceed to open the doors, and inside is a shaft leading both up and down. The party discusses it and decides to head up. A ways up we come upon a lift. We get it going and ride it to an observatory. We can see in the observatory there is a sort of throne with a robotic figure seemingly bound and wreathed in chains of lightning, guarded on both sides by more automatons.

No-Name obtains mirrors from the girls and uses them to bypass the laser trap at the lift doors. The party cautiously enters the chamber, and Barrel proceeds to reprogram the guards to do his bidding.

We notice the 3 balls of light have returned, and are staying well out of our reach. We speak to them, and learn the robotic woman is Regelus, the source of the weapon of the Shadow Crown. The bard tells everyone about the Shadow King (Spitzpersing), the ruler of Grand Spire who died about 500 years ago during the war. His childless daughter is now queen, Glorianna.

Barrel and Jian (for some reason) decide to cut the lightning wires binding Regelus. Whil decides against shooting the light balls, and instead the rest of the party plies them with questions to distract them. We learn that Wolfgang put in the wires when they captured Regelus. They seem to want to take us to Wolfgang, who is at the furnace. When questioned about their motives, they are honest and tell us it has been a while since they were last able to feast on the essence of a living being, and they are having fun with us.

As the last wire is cut from Regelus’ binds, Barrel instructs his newly reprogrammed guards to protect the party. They take on a defensive stance. All of the lights within view flicker, and Regelus stands!

(This is where we ended for the evening… Sorry about the spelling of names, and please feel free to add anything I might have missed while dealing with the little one)


Excellent – (collect your 100 xp) – I think you got the gist of it all. I will fill in the gaps on the Wiki page for some general history of the shadow king – and his daughter Gloriana before next session. Next up for me is do see what Reials the fallen does now that you have roused her from her slumber.

Oh… when I said that the lights dimmed… I meant all the light you see within the conservatory… which is a girder and glass dome… some 50’ in diameter by some 25-30’ tall.

back in the cable trap… Barrel did nearly die… the Vine slammed him and prepared to grapple and twist his dwarven body when I think Many Names finished it off – then Whillamina rushed to help him… with a sorrowful/soulful “chant”… she mended his more serious injury… then she followed up with a cure light wounds spell.

The will-o-wisps are quite naughty…but don’t seem to care about the facts or spilling information either. Really, they haven’t had something this entertaining in awhile yoou obliged them the first time so they lead you into some fun.

Delving into the tunnels

those mirrors came in handy! we just need to remember to retrieve them before we leave the observatory. Now, i’m assuming since you said all the lights went means it’s pitch black except for Mina’s torch, and any possible illumination on the automatons?

Delving into the tunnels

Didn’t it just flicker?

Delving into the tunnels

Light blinked or flickered – then back to normal.

Delving into the tunnels

oh, for some reason I thought it all went out. it was towards the end of the night, and sadly my character is more observant than I am at that time of the night. =)

Delving into the tunnels
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