Shattered Realms of Khürn

Just a delivery...

Just a simple task for an old man...

Ok, Well it have been a few days to digest the goings on from the first session. Episode 1 part 1. It all started with aging private eye Edison Greywall giving each of you a contact to meet him at his flat that night. None of the characters knew each other – but yet they had one old man in common…Edison. He claimed that he knew you all as trustworthy chaps… and that he needed you to deliver a package for him.

Problem one… He doesn’t know where the package is… BUT he knows where the information about that package is. Walkers Tavern… in Haven. Haven as all of you were aware… is the underground … crime boss controlled underbelly of the Grand Spire. The trick wasn’t knowing where it is… it was getting there. Haven is a notoriously hard place to be allowed into. Even cops have to grease the right hands to get into there.

The group split on HOW to get down there. Barrel the gruff tinker had an idea to get a job fixing something down there… and the rest of the group looked into what to do when they got there. The getting there would be provided by Van looking of a contact ( shady cop) to find a way in.

After much banter… and indecision … the party got down to Haven (after some fighting…tanglefoot … mule cuddling… etc. )

Whillamina set to working on a gig with Ernest Pink’s permission at Walkers Tavern. After the set… and more drinking… the pub cleared out… and the party got a look at some numbers on the back of the taverns mirror. With numbers in hand – the larger party group set off back up to find breakfast and research the number. Ernest Pink also got to see the number… and set his cogs and gears to also finding out what the number means.

Meanwhile …
Barrel and Jiyan set out later that night to meet up with the party at Walkers Tavern. Barrel hooks up a job to repair a gentleman’s club’s lift… one that happens to travel down to Haven… by way of a brothel. With repairs made… and some palms greased… they head over to the Tavern… only to pass the larger group leaving. Both groups realize there are other eyes watching them.

Jiyan and Barrel enter the empty pub looking for a drink… soon they witness Burk Foreright enter Walkers … with his boys – (shake down perhaps?) In any case – Ernest spills the beans about a group of folks looking at numbers from the back of the mirror… Burk gets Pinks assurances that he would be in on the information as soon as it is known.

Jiyan and Barrel make there way back topside. Grabbing Edison on the way – Edison is clearly concerned that his Nemesis Burk was somehow involved in knowing this information.

Det. Van… cracked the number code… its a bank number for a safe deposit box… at Barclays. An upper scale bank – that holds many secrets of the powerful…. the party is left devising their next move over crumpets… tea and breakfast.

Until next time.

I will work on filling in some background info on things over the next weeks – hoping to give everyone a chance to get that info before the next session in 3 weeks. Feel free to elaborate on the goings on from the first episode :D.


While seemingly not ideal, it happened exactly the way it needed to for us to accomplish the task. A party of 6 moving about Haven would look like group of thugs, except half the group lacks in that aesthetic. However no one would question a privileged dancing girl with her own laughable protection and an attentive understudy. Nor would they suspect a couple of guild laborers having a few drinks at the local bar during their guild sanctioned break. Whom would later overhear and witness the involvement of more dangerous animals. The wind blunted our approach so that we may operate with its subtlety. -Jiyan

Just a delivery...

Just checking to see if anyone is reading this… Any follow up posts as to the goings on in the first session earns 100exp. bonus if posted prior to Fridays game session.

— I’ll turn off email notification for the next time I offer this type of bonus xp ;)


Just a delivery...
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