Shattered Realms of Khürn

The Grand Spire

Where are you?

For various reasons … the player characters have all ended up in this grand city for one reason or another. Each of you has their own story about how you got here – but mostly it was just pure happenstance or the product of random luck. You have been in the city for a few short months (6-9) – you have gotten to know your areas of town and within your expertise to at least a slight degree of understanding. Your not “green” to the great metropolis – but your far from a seasoned spire-lite. You know enough to get around and to know where you need to be careful.


Over the past few months you have been hired on to many odd jobs within your profession… Some to assist with some tinkering, fixing or making new things … some of you have helped with some light investigational research. Still others have been asked to do things on the slight grey side of the law… minor stuff for sure <wink>. Others have been scraping by with handouts or even some musical gigs. But you have all scraped enough funds together to have a small flat in the less than “optimal” side of town. Sure its not the Ritz… but hey – it is not the underside of a causeway either.


torg_or torg_or

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