Barrel Grease

Dwarf, Romantic - Tinker. - dwarf enigma - nuff said?


A gruff romantic sums up his personality. He loves adventure and is always looking for the next big one. He does this in the typical surely dwarven fashion though. If presented with the opportunity to save a helpless village or an romantic love he tends to jump in with a little more abandon then other dwarves. He has a soft spot for animals and regularly talks to his Mule. His love of adventure also means that he does not like to stay in one place long. His gruff manner means he has a hard time making friends but when he makes one and recognizes it he is extremely loyal. He does like his beer but rarely gets into his cups as when he gets drunk he has a tendency to sing romantic ballads.


Barrel showed great mechanical aptitudes early in life. The result was an apprenticeship with one of the best Artificer in his Hold. Unfortunately for Barrel he wanted to be an warrior not an Artificer. He just could not see living and working in the same workshop day after day after day. He wanted adventure and excitement. His natural abilities won out though and he soon found a love for engineering mechanical devices. He continued to train in the martial arts as all dwarves do but he was a tad more serious then most. As his apprenticeship progressed he soon started looking for ways to marry the two loves for adventure and his trade. One day the Master Artificer he was working for decided he had far to many apprentices. Instead of finding new master the journeymen (by that time) choose to strike out on his own. He packed his tools and hitched a ride out of the Hold; he has been on the road ever since.

He owns a tinkers wagon pulled by a Mule. The wagon though is one he constructed it has a variety of tricks of its own. One of the best is a small steam engine to assist the Mule (he is getting old) up hills or through rough terrain. It takes a lot of fuel so he can’t run it all the time but he can climb a hill faster then anyone else in a wagon. In addition to the steam engine the tinkers wagon has quite a few compartments where tools are kept for his trade.

Greatest achievement – Striking out on his own.
Biggest regret – not finishing the Apprenticeship and becoming a Master.

One Word: Romantic

Barrel Grease

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