Burk Foreright

Savant / Fixer / Lesser Crime Boss — Grand Spire


Burk is a big man who has enjoyed a few too many pastries. He is over- weight and tries to cut back, but long hours and his business responsibilities keep him from doing more exercise. His personal physician is too scared to speak much of it. Burk has big, thick lips and a deep, commanding voice, and he’s skilled at using it to get what he wants. His skin has deteriorated and is pocked; he sweats profusely if he performs any activity.

Burk tries to dominate any situation. If he needs to, he will use his Frighten- ing Presence. He does something with his muscles and tips his head so that a shadow falls across his face in such a way to give him a horrific, demonic appearance. It is so unnerving that most people who have seen it never want to be in his presence again. Some have gone so far as to suggest he must be part demon, but that is absurd… right?

Burk is usually calm and collected and possessed of a polite demeanour. This can vanish in a second if he is not in control of a situation or has been greatly offended. His face darkens and he becomes a cold-blooded killer.

Burk is a self-made man and proud of it. He is the head of a small mob with its fingers in a number of pies. If you take the time to listen, he will tell you how his diplomatic skills and intimi- dation got him started shaking down local businesses. This expanded into protection and loan sharking. He now owns several small businesses — a few night clubs, a small bed and breakfast, a library (of all things), and a pawn shop. He has a staff of twenty odd hoodlums and associates of varying skills and tal- ents, and he controls shipping over sev- eral city blocks. He knows what is being shipped and takes a cut from it.

When he is not immersed in his business, Burk thoroughly enjoys using his verbal skills. He loves to haggle and negotiate, and when things go sour, he is equally pleased to call upon his con- siderable talent in intimidation.

His reputation built on a pile or corpses and threats, Burk has sig- nificantly increased his standing and wealth, making numerous enemies in the process. It is a good thing most of them are dead.


Burk Foreright

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