Detective Van Garrick

Gnome - small profiler - dedicated


As far as gnomes go, she is average height and weight and her skin is fair. To the rest of the world, though, she is small and dark tan. She is neutral good with lawful good leanings.

Van is complex. She has a good heart, and cares very deeply about people, but she is very guarded and tends to play her cards close to the vest. She is skilled at putting people at ease, and can usually talk her way into or out of situations. She is very lightly armed, but combat is a last resort for her. She would much rather bluff her way out of conflict, or sneak away and avoid it altogether.

Ellviki gnomes (on the rare occasion she returns home), local law enforcement and, to a lesser extent, the criminal underground. She also has reason to believe the Gentlemen Investigators are aware of her work (she has met them a few times on cases).


Van was born Prudove Stumbleduck Garrick in Ellviki, a small gnomish village on the outskirts of Southwark, a fast-growing, bustling trade hub that caters to all kinds. She grew up pretty sheltered in the village, spending time with her family and friends and drifting through school, never really specializing in anything. She’s always had a good heart, she was always quick to assist anyone in need and her practical jokes are always good natured.

Now, at age 67, for the first time in her life she is passionate about her vocation. She has eagerly thrown herself into her work, and has even taken on the additional study of “profiler”. She goes where she is needed, helping with mostly theft, assault and homicide cases, but her special interest is missing persons. She delights in the reunion of families and friends. She never talks about Kai, but how can he not be in the back of her mind, tormenting her? The one mystery she has failed to solve.

Detective Van Garrick

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