(many different names)

blows shit up yo


was kidnapped as a toddler buy a thieves guild and taught from a very young age the art of explosives, was told that my parents didn’t want me, was forced to do remedial work for my educator, had next to nothing to call my own my entire life and learned from the guild how to be unseen eavesdrop and find weakness in people and in structure. If you want something you take it if you cannot pick the lock simply blow it up, where a gun wont work maybe a land mine or grenade will. If you find a rival thief’s trap don’t trigger it don’t disarm it, learn it, and put an explosive on it. in these days of steam an explosive master can make a simple explosion look like a steam powered machine malfunctioned, “above all no one is your friend not even your parents liked you, trust no one take what should have been yours, and oh yeah BLOW SHIT UP!!!”


(many different names)

Shattered Realms of Khürn torg_or halfopen13