Tag: PC


  • Barrel Grease

    Barrel showed great mechanical aptitudes early in life. The result was an apprenticeship with one of the best Artificer in his Hold. Unfortunately for Barrel he wanted to be an warrior not an Artificer. He just could not see living and working in the …

  • Detective Van Garrick

    Van was born Prudove Stumbleduck Garrick in Ellviki, a small gnomish village on the outskirts of Southwark, a fast-growing, bustling trade hub that caters to all kinds. She grew up pretty sheltered in the village, spending time with her family and friends …

  • Whillamina Eudora Almyra Zylphia

    A spoiled noble girl. Dad was an Air Captain, Mom a pilot. Had 2 siblings she rarely talks about. In fact, she doesn't talk about her past much at all. She lavishes attention on her Violin (masterwork).

  • Jiyan

    For the most part he seems like a nice enough fellow. Really the only thing that makes it apparent he’s not from the local area is in his speech patterns, something reminiscent of an accent. If you've been around the merchant quarter you would recognize …