Lore of the land Khurn

Lore of the land Khürn (the other campaign world ) — v1.1

There was not only always war and strife on the land ~ an eternity of human time has been war — but Elven history seeps further back beyond the blood and torn veil of death.

/Facts: This ravaging bloodletting is around 480 human ages. Elder races – may have venerable members of society whom know the time before war. Parents and grandparents of the elder races would know this. Humans would be hard pressed to find anything but a lich whom would know of that time./


Lore of the land Khürn_ ( the other campaign world ) — v2_

What lies between – Between the great city states (primer atlas to follow in the future). The land is full of wilderness – and ruins. Before the long war many other societies existed …. only to be snuffed out by strife or other calamity. There are scars on the world from the battles having been fought. But nature has done her job — in reclaiming the land. Jungles covering fallen city spires — sink hole swamps swallowing others. Beyond the blasted desert lands — ice still fills the northern seas. In the tropical midlands – rain and monsoons drench the earth as well.

Folk do live in these lands – carving out an existence without waring governments. Smugglers, crime-lords or even druidic cults sometimes take up residence in older ruins – turning to nature and a life free of steam and cog — attempting to wash their hands of the terrors of war and machine. There are many factions whom vie for control of fiefdoms.

Between the city states and spires — its very much an unknown world to those of the cities. It can be a dangerous place without someone whom knows the land.


Lore of the land Khurn

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