Shattered Realms of Khürn

Barrel and his shop

Barrel makes it back to his shop and sets aside some room for the others. Then he starts working on the gyro copter he found. He also try’s to repair the automatons’ He tinkers and trys to improve the wagon.

On a side note he looks for a weapons master to do some training as well.


In-between Time
The goings on with the characters - between the story arcs

Just wanted to make a quick post about this – I have an intention to “run” play by post with all the characters for the players interested in this kinda play. As we get closer to the time when this campaign gets back on the table – I plan to include more relevant character information leading up to the next arc of the campaign.

I want to know first — whom will take advantage of this? I would plan on 1-2 week turns – typically individualized for each character… light or at least minimal combat. More of the day-by day / week or month by month activities and things going on in that characters life.

All of this will have relevance in the world of Khürn and your characters place in it. I would rather not spend lots of time prepping for characters if players are not that interested in this. So I want to focus my time on those whom do want to do this. Please reply here if your interested in getting back to what is going on in the Shattered Realms of Khürn.


The Shadow King

… in which the party has freed the captured and liberates the darkness…

After cutting Reials loose the golden Inevitable stands… and questions the party about whom they are, where she is… etc. She also explains that she was tricked and captured by Wolfgang and that she can’t leave the room. The room is a sort of insulator to the planes and to the rest of the physical plane. She also explained that she can’t leave this realm without her sextant – and that Wolfgang must have taken it after binding her. She was summoned to the room from Mechanicus and she can’t leave without the caster breaking the circle essentially.

The party deliberates for a bit and decides not to free Reials at this point – instead they decide to explore the lower sections of the sky titan. They travel down back past the doors they came in and into the warmer – steamer furnace/foundry. There they locate Wolfgang whom waives them down to his work area. He seems… ok.

A mad scientist he is … and after explaining the basics the party tries to convince him of his lost way. The emperor is dead and he shouldn’t still be on this “cleansing” mission. Det. Van Garrett and Whillamina are very good talkers… and soon they have him agreeing with them on a new direction. They insist that he takes a trip with them to see the Queen to explain that its been a long time and he really does need to stop.

After making their way back to the airship Excelsior and capt. Ray – they start heading towards home – and the grand spire.

Through some preplanned engagement the party has Wolfgang out of his stateroom so Many-Names can explore Wolfgang’ss belongings…. which consists of a leather oversized doctors bag… after disabling a electrical trap on the latch Many-Names finds various things inside the bag (of holding). A very nice spanner and an odd mirror… on further investigation the mirror shows the location of the Temporal Sextant… and its not in the bag. The sextant was shown to be sitting on a bookcase – caked in dust… and soon a devilish face enters the frame of the mirrors refection – Fredrick 24th… he is the 24th resurrection of Spitz Pershing … whom was put on life support by Wolfgang… whom is now a steam-lich – and is quite angry.

… The party immediately has a meeting with the captain and debate what to do. One part of the party wants to send a message to the crown or council to let them know of the power behind the throne… yet another wants to notify the military powers … and yet another thinks the party needs to do this in person. Soon the party sets out back to the sky titian – and a plan to free Reials is hatched – and for her under contract to confront Fredrick 24th – the steam-lich.

… soon the party has traveled back across the oceans and are joined by the lumbering sky-titan… to engage the false emperor.

The climatic battle unfolds with a skiff from the Excelsior closing onto the grand spire …spire room. At the top of the spire in an old throne room / memorial. Many-names tosses a grenade and shatters the dull glass dome … and Reials jumps down an through the shattering glass. The party lowers by rope and ladder to assist in the assault. Reials charges Fredrick 24th… while the party handles the steam-powered machine guardians.

After a long and tough fight – Fredrick’s guardians are dispatched… and Reials gets a killing blow on the Shadow king… nearly lifeless – Reials falls to the marble floor. The party gets her the sextant… and shortly the Inevitable has her door to her realm open – where then she thanks the party and escapes.

The party surveys the room… in time to have the queens guard burst into the room…

We will wrap up at the next session… I will get you all experience points and a master list of items “found” in the room…

Delving into the tunnels

We start out standing in front of a set of doors, which Barrel opens with his usual skill. We go through the tunnel a ways, and Whil hears something from behind- 6 automaton spiders that rush us! We fight bravely, and each of us kills at least one spider. Barrel tinkers with the bodies while the party regroups. Upon closer inspection, one of the spiders has an insignia stamped on it. A date 500 years in the past, and the letters W. F.

The party keeps going, and comes to a junction with smaller tunnels leading off to the right and left. While we are discussing wether we should continue down the main causeway or explore a side passage, we are greeted by 3 floating lights. They say “Liberators! Welcome to Numere! We are diplomats, follow us! We will take you to Wolfgang and the central shaft!” Van senses their motives are not to be trusted (they are trying to be helpful, but are being too nice), and quietly warns the rest of the party to be on their guard.

We follow the lights for a while, and come to another set of doors. We try to open them, but the snake-like cables bracketing the doors start attacking us! The 3 lights vanish, and we are left to our own devices. We beat the cables soundly, and upon inspection of the area post-battle, we come across the bodies of some previous adventurers (I can’t find Gunnar’s notes about this, and can’t remember the details. Van knows they are one of the groups sent to investigate the disappearance of a settlement, she probably would have mentioned that to the party).

We proceed to open the doors, and inside is a shaft leading both up and down. The party discusses it and decides to head up. A ways up we come upon a lift. We get it going and ride it to an observatory. We can see in the observatory there is a sort of throne with a robotic figure seemingly bound and wreathed in chains of lightning, guarded on both sides by more automatons.

No-Name obtains mirrors from the girls and uses them to bypass the laser trap at the lift doors. The party cautiously enters the chamber, and Barrel proceeds to reprogram the guards to do his bidding.

We notice the 3 balls of light have returned, and are staying well out of our reach. We speak to them, and learn the robotic woman is Regelus, the source of the weapon of the Shadow Crown. The bard tells everyone about the Shadow King (Spitzpersing), the ruler of Grand Spire who died about 500 years ago during the war. His childless daughter is now queen, Glorianna.

Barrel and Jian (for some reason) decide to cut the lightning wires binding Regelus. Whil decides against shooting the light balls, and instead the rest of the party plies them with questions to distract them. We learn that Wolfgang put in the wires when they captured Regelus. They seem to want to take us to Wolfgang, who is at the furnace. When questioned about their motives, they are honest and tell us it has been a while since they were last able to feast on the essence of a living being, and they are having fun with us.

As the last wire is cut from Regelus’ binds, Barrel instructs his newly reprogrammed guards to protect the party. They take on a defensive stance. All of the lights within view flicker, and Regelus stands!

(This is where we ended for the evening… Sorry about the spelling of names, and please feel free to add anything I might have missed while dealing with the little one)

Floating city

Happy with his performance in the fight. He was able to keep the cannon working and loaded during the fight. He might have to look into getting some gunnery skills though. The damage to the ship was not to bad and he was able to repair it.

The sight of the dirigible on the ground being harvested by the spiders gave Barrel the willies. He saw the pull points and the fact that the spiders were harvesting it and clearly a metal floating city has to get its resources from somewhere. Thinking it will be hard to get home if the floating palace gets taken down he walks back and signals the dirigible. He feels that taking the percausion of having the dirigible pull back is a good idea.

He has been studying the plans he bought at the last spot and as he is wondering around the floating city he starts looking for the parts he would need to build the CHOPPER.


Banks, Tails and 'splosions - (pt. 2)
We got the package … now what?

… With the leather briefcase in hand – Whillamina stows it into her fancy backpack… and replaces the briefcase with and old battlefield map in hopes of confusing the plot. With that she leaves the bank and joins the others on the sidewalk. They hurry a plan to meet up later at Edisons … at tea time this afternoon. All tired – they head to their nearest resting spots. During their discussion several notice more watchers. So they all go their separate ways – hoping to loose the tails and get some rest.

- Whillamina, Detective Van Garrick head to Whillamina’s flat for a nap… closely followed by Many Names. He sticks to the shadows – looking for anyone following the girls.

- Jiyan & Barrel decide to head to go to Barrels shop… to catch a few winks as well.

Meanwhile as the gals near Whillamina’s flat… 3 dastardly looking chaps step out from an alleyway… knives in hand. (It’s a fine morning for a mugging?…). The thugs quickly ask that the nicely dressed Whillamina to hand over her valuables. Undeterred she draws her holdout pistol… and asks for the thugs to back off. Behind the thugs – is the following Many Names – whom draws his pistol and shoots in the thugs direction… Dropping one with a massive wound gushing.

Van pulls her pistol – but seemed to startled to take action. One of the thugs turns and throws his dagger at Many Names – missing wildly. The other takes a swipe and Whillamina – leaving a gash in her arm…and nice dress. Shortly after that Whillamina runs the thug through with her rapier. Both of the thugs still standing decide to cut and run…leaving their compatriot to bleed out on the sidewalk.

Van gains her wits… and starts the questing the dying ruffian… whom says he was simply looking for money to eat. Whillamina stows her sword… and chants a short hymn. As with any miracle … the ruffian is healed… he stands and after a scalding from Van… he scurries into the alleyways.

With that… Van, Whillamina and Many Names take leave in Whillamina’s flat… some tea and a nap to refresh.

At the pre-appointed time… Jiyan finds himself climbing the stairs to Edison’s flat… as he enters the hall he immediately notices … Edison’s flat door is bashed to pieces scattered into the hallway. His heart sinks…as he quietly rounds the doorway… to see the elderly Edison crumpled in the corner of his one room flat. Bloodied… broken…and gone of life. The rest of the room is in shambles. It was not a pretty sight… Edison’s prized teapot smashed against the wall… earl grey seeping into the floorboards.

Shortly, Jiyan hears the rest of the party coming up the stairs and down the hallway – he stands aside the doorway… in silence.

… more to come…

Banks, Tails and 'splosions - (pt. 1)
We got the package ... now what?

Over the remainder of breakfast… the task of getting whatever was in the Bradford & Barclay’s safe deposit box was the first issue of the night. The party decided check out the bank – and prepare to walk right in and see what there is to see.

Whillamina, Detective Van Garrick and Many Names decide to take on the task of getting into the bank. Jiyan & Barrel decide to pop out early and check out the bank store front. The bank is in a nicer part of town — they did their best to blend in and observe. Not to far into the walk over to the bank Jiyan spotted a tail… shadowy dark coat and hat pulled down tight… about a block behind them – probably since they left the diner.

The plan … Barrel decides to stick it out in front of a Haberdashery… nice hats… and other mens outfitting needs. Barrel window shops… while Jiyan cycles around to get in position to watch the “watcher”. Meanwhile, Whillamina changes her attire into something suitable for a nice bank… she is assisted by Van and No Name in getting into her fancy duds.

Soon Det. Van Garrick, Whillamina and No Name are traveling to the bank as well. Van Garrick notices a follower soon after they leave the diner – this tail also seems to signal to another higher up in the urban network of buildings… smokestacks and wires. She spots someone on a building top … signaling the one below. Soon they are spotted by Jiyan whom signals to No Name… the fact that He and Barrel also have a snooping person following them. Tails all around it seems.

As soon as they get closer to the bank several of the trailing tails fall away into the alleyways and shadows. Whillamina decides to walk on by the bank… while the rest see to whom is still following. Then nothing, Jiyan and Barrel don’t see any tails. No Name finds a shadow and settles in to watch the group… the bank and looking for followers. Whillamina pretends to do some window shopping.

Barrel gets the notion to walk up to the doors of Bradford & Barclay’s… Jiyan stays close and follows Barrel up the steps. Two guards step into his path… after a short conversation the guards tell them that this isn’t their kind of bank…“the savings and loan is down the street…” Discouraged, Barrel and Jiyan decide what to do next. Talk of gentlemen’s clubs, wardrobes and other ideas fill their conversation. Meanwhile, Whillamina gets up her nerve and walks up to the bank… up the stairs and with the tip of a hat into the lobby.

With a little wait in the very plush bank – soon, the bank teller leads Whillamina into a private room to review the box. Opening the bank box… she finds an old wide leather briefcase.. well worn and locked… seemingly full of papers.

… more to come …

Just a delivery...
Just a simple task for an old man...

Ok, Well it have been a few days to digest the goings on from the first session. Episode 1 part 1. It all started with aging private eye Edison Greywall giving each of you a contact to meet him at his flat that night. None of the characters knew each other – but yet they had one old man in common…Edison. He claimed that he knew you all as trustworthy chaps… and that he needed you to deliver a package for him.

Problem one… He doesn’t know where the package is… BUT he knows where the information about that package is. Walkers Tavern… in Haven. Haven as all of you were aware… is the underground … crime boss controlled underbelly of the Grand Spire. The trick wasn’t knowing where it is… it was getting there. Haven is a notoriously hard place to be allowed into. Even cops have to grease the right hands to get into there.

The group split on HOW to get down there. Barrel the gruff tinker had an idea to get a job fixing something down there… and the rest of the group looked into what to do when they got there. The getting there would be provided by Van looking of a contact ( shady cop) to find a way in.

After much banter… and indecision … the party got down to Haven (after some fighting…tanglefoot … mule cuddling… etc. )

Whillamina set to working on a gig with Ernest Pink’s permission at Walkers Tavern. After the set… and more drinking… the pub cleared out… and the party got a look at some numbers on the back of the taverns mirror. With numbers in hand – the larger party group set off back up to find breakfast and research the number. Ernest Pink also got to see the number… and set his cogs and gears to also finding out what the number means.

Meanwhile …
Barrel and Jiyan set out later that night to meet up with the party at Walkers Tavern. Barrel hooks up a job to repair a gentleman’s club’s lift… one that happens to travel down to Haven… by way of a brothel. With repairs made… and some palms greased… they head over to the Tavern… only to pass the larger group leaving. Both groups realize there are other eyes watching them.

Jiyan and Barrel enter the empty pub looking for a drink… soon they witness Burk Foreright enter Walkers … with his boys – (shake down perhaps?) In any case – Ernest spills the beans about a group of folks looking at numbers from the back of the mirror… Burk gets Pinks assurances that he would be in on the information as soon as it is known.

Jiyan and Barrel make there way back topside. Grabbing Edison on the way – Edison is clearly concerned that his Nemesis Burk was somehow involved in knowing this information.

Det. Van… cracked the number code… its a bank number for a safe deposit box… at Barclays. An upper scale bank – that holds many secrets of the powerful…. the party is left devising their next move over crumpets… tea and breakfast.

Until next time.

I will work on filling in some background info on things over the next weeks – hoping to give everyone a chance to get that info before the next session in 3 weeks. Feel free to elaborate on the goings on from the first episode :D.

The Grand Spire
Where are you?

For various reasons … the player characters have all ended up in this grand city for one reason or another. Each of you has their own story about how you got here – but mostly it was just pure happenstance or the product of random luck. You have been in the city for a few short months (6-9) – you have gotten to know your areas of town and within your expertise to at least a slight degree of understanding. Your not “green” to the great metropolis – but your far from a seasoned spire-lite. You know enough to get around and to know where you need to be careful.


Over the past few months you have been hired on to many odd jobs within your profession… Some to assist with some tinkering, fixing or making new things … some of you have helped with some light investigational research. Still others have been asked to do things on the slight grey side of the law… minor stuff for sure <wink>. Others have been scraping by with handouts or even some musical gigs. But you have all scraped enough funds together to have a small flat in the less than “optimal” side of town. Sure its not the Ritz… but hey – it is not the underside of a causeway either.

Before we sit and start...
How your character got to where we are at the start

I plan on doing a little set up work this week with those of you whom get logged on here. I will send you a few emails – and we can tie your backstory to what we are doing. Not meaning to railroad players or characters – but I don’t want to spend too much time getting the party together in the first game.



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