Shattered Realms of Khürn

Banks, Tails and 'splosions - (pt. 1)

We got the package ... now what?

Over the remainder of breakfast… the task of getting whatever was in the Bradford & Barclay’s safe deposit box was the first issue of the night. The party decided check out the bank – and prepare to walk right in and see what there is to see.

Whillamina, Detective Van Garrick and Many Names decide to take on the task of getting into the bank. Jiyan & Barrel decide to pop out early and check out the bank store front. The bank is in a nicer part of town — they did their best to blend in and observe. Not to far into the walk over to the bank Jiyan spotted a tail… shadowy dark coat and hat pulled down tight… about a block behind them – probably since they left the diner.

The plan … Barrel decides to stick it out in front of a Haberdashery… nice hats… and other mens outfitting needs. Barrel window shops… while Jiyan cycles around to get in position to watch the “watcher”. Meanwhile, Whillamina changes her attire into something suitable for a nice bank… she is assisted by Van and No Name in getting into her fancy duds.

Soon Det. Van Garrick, Whillamina and No Name are traveling to the bank as well. Van Garrick notices a follower soon after they leave the diner – this tail also seems to signal to another higher up in the urban network of buildings… smokestacks and wires. She spots someone on a building top … signaling the one below. Soon they are spotted by Jiyan whom signals to No Name… the fact that He and Barrel also have a snooping person following them. Tails all around it seems.

As soon as they get closer to the bank several of the trailing tails fall away into the alleyways and shadows. Whillamina decides to walk on by the bank… while the rest see to whom is still following. Then nothing, Jiyan and Barrel don’t see any tails. No Name finds a shadow and settles in to watch the group… the bank and looking for followers. Whillamina pretends to do some window shopping.

Barrel gets the notion to walk up to the doors of Bradford & Barclay’s… Jiyan stays close and follows Barrel up the steps. Two guards step into his path… after a short conversation the guards tell them that this isn’t their kind of bank…“the savings and loan is down the street…” Discouraged, Barrel and Jiyan decide what to do next. Talk of gentlemen’s clubs, wardrobes and other ideas fill their conversation. Meanwhile, Whillamina gets up her nerve and walks up to the bank… up the stairs and with the tip of a hat into the lobby.

With a little wait in the very plush bank – soon, the bank teller leads Whillamina into a private room to review the box. Opening the bank box… she finds an old wide leather briefcase.. well worn and locked… seemingly full of papers.

… more to come …


Shure I act as bait and try to catch a tail and ALLLLLL I am interested in is a hat…



[quizzical look whilst pondering the existence of a Dwarf with an eye for… cloth]


torg_or torg_or

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