Shattered Realms of Khürn

Banks, Tails and 'splosions - (pt. 2)

We got the package … now what?

… With the leather briefcase in hand – Whillamina stows it into her fancy backpack… and replaces the briefcase with and old battlefield map in hopes of confusing the plot. With that she leaves the bank and joins the others on the sidewalk. They hurry a plan to meet up later at Edisons … at tea time this afternoon. All tired – they head to their nearest resting spots. During their discussion several notice more watchers. So they all go their separate ways – hoping to loose the tails and get some rest.

- Whillamina, Detective Van Garrick head to Whillamina’s flat for a nap… closely followed by Many Names. He sticks to the shadows – looking for anyone following the girls.

- Jiyan & Barrel decide to head to go to Barrels shop… to catch a few winks as well.

Meanwhile as the gals near Whillamina’s flat… 3 dastardly looking chaps step out from an alleyway… knives in hand. (It’s a fine morning for a mugging?…). The thugs quickly ask that the nicely dressed Whillamina to hand over her valuables. Undeterred she draws her holdout pistol… and asks for the thugs to back off. Behind the thugs – is the following Many Names – whom draws his pistol and shoots in the thugs direction… Dropping one with a massive wound gushing.

Van pulls her pistol – but seemed to startled to take action. One of the thugs turns and throws his dagger at Many Names – missing wildly. The other takes a swipe and Whillamina – leaving a gash in her arm…and nice dress. Shortly after that Whillamina runs the thug through with her rapier. Both of the thugs still standing decide to cut and run…leaving their compatriot to bleed out on the sidewalk.

Van gains her wits… and starts the questing the dying ruffian… whom says he was simply looking for money to eat. Whillamina stows her sword… and chants a short hymn. As with any miracle … the ruffian is healed… he stands and after a scalding from Van… he scurries into the alleyways.

With that… Van, Whillamina and Many Names take leave in Whillamina’s flat… some tea and a nap to refresh.

At the pre-appointed time… Jiyan finds himself climbing the stairs to Edison’s flat… as he enters the hall he immediately notices … Edison’s flat door is bashed to pieces scattered into the hallway. His heart sinks…as he quietly rounds the doorway… to see the elderly Edison crumpled in the corner of his one room flat. Bloodied… broken…and gone of life. The rest of the room is in shambles. It was not a pretty sight… Edison’s prized teapot smashed against the wall… earl grey seeping into the floorboards.

Shortly, Jiyan hears the rest of the party coming up the stairs and down the hallway – he stands aside the doorway… in silence.

… more to come…


Poor Edison……..


Let’s not forget that before heading to fine the atrocity of Eddison’s murder, that Whill sent a message to Pink, since she promised information with in 3 days. “the bank vault contained a military map”. Hopefully, her obligations will be considered fulfilled.


I’m sure Ernest Pink got the message …


well..we can hope..damn..did i step in plot, again?


Ewwww…. What’s that I smell?…. You get some plot on your shoes? ;)

- well suffice to say – many factions have interest in the goings on – they may or may not having connections to pink… Some things in motion are not always set into motion by the parties actions. It’s a pretty big web the group is now at the center of… All sorts of spiders come out to check the wiggly threads.


I like spiders! they eat mosquitoes. =)


Edison was a reliable fellow, an unfortunate twist to see his life extinguished so violently.



Ok – its been what 4 weeks? I forgot to post the last bits of this session – suffice to say… the party left Edison murder scene … to journey to see Ray Domingo – After discussing things with Ray – (a feeling out session) the party decided to think on what to do.

They spent the night in an inn… and where attacked by some gang faction on the road – the party survived … slaying the attackers. Ray arrived near the end – and offers the party a ride to his estate. From there the party rests – relaxes and goes over their next move.

-this in a nutshell is what happened. Please anyone fill in those gaps. the next session is tonight and I don’t want to try and keep things straight before this lol.


torg_or torg_or

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