Shattered Realms of Khürn

Floating city

Happy with his performance in the fight. He was able to keep the cannon working and loaded during the fight. He might have to look into getting some gunnery skills though. The damage to the ship was not to bad and he was able to repair it.

The sight of the dirigible on the ground being harvested by the spiders gave Barrel the willies. He saw the pull points and the fact that the spiders were harvesting it and clearly a metal floating city has to get its resources from somewhere. Thinking it will be hard to get home if the floating palace gets taken down he walks back and signals the dirigible. He feels that taking the percausion of having the dirigible pull back is a good idea.

He has been studying the plans he bought at the last spot and as he is wondering around the floating city he starts looking for the parts he would need to build the CHOPPER.



This whole place gives Whil the willies. But, you can’t compose an epic tale without taking risks!

Floating city

Wow – I was happy to see a adventure log already posted for the last session. So I will just fill in the gaps. – thanks G!

Ok – the session started out with the party resting and regrouping at Ray’s country estate. They all take time to do some research, clean up broken or damaged equipment or just to get to know the surroundings a bit better. During this time Ray follows up his offer to hire the group on for his expedition / hunting trip. Ray liked how the party handled the assassins and seem to be good at working things out.

He makes the group an offer – to join his crew as a trouble shooting team / extra hands, mechanical skills, muscle or similar tasks. He offers a share of the glory as well as a share of found riches etc. Room and board – and your loyalty gets everyone on the airship. He also informs the party that he is setting about on this missing as a task from the high crown – so its official to the kingdom as well.

Within days the first stop is Limpet City – a military outpost garrison… which is also home to a gem mining town as well as the highly touted Steammancers University. The party makes quick work of gathering information, lifting purses, shopping, etc. Whillamina has a highly successful song and dance show at the Rusty Rivet … all enjoyed the festivities. Det. Van Garrick did some snooping of her own while attending a meeting with Ray and the garrisons Lord. ( she is welcome to share what she learned). Barrel picked his way through several shops before getting some very nice blueprints. Overall – the entire group got a nice shore leave.

The next morning the Excelsior (airship) leaves Limpet City behind – and travels north. Ray gathers the group and explains that they are to investigate into some lost cities… its been over a year without shipments or contact with the nearest city state to the north.

Traveling north … for a day or so the Excelsior is attacked by a pirate vessel – another airship flying the black and grey flag of sky pirates. The grey/green elves attack out of the mists of clouds. Soon cannon volleys spin by. All hands on deck – defend the ship -

No-name and Whillamina make way to the top of the rigid structure – telling the pilot to get close and above the pirate ship. Barrel joins in with the defensive cannon crew reloading. Jiyan gathers a couple muskets and finds a good spot to shoot from. Soon the two airships are locked in a sweeping pattern of move and countermove … twisting across the cloud filled sky.

No-name with assistance from Whillamina tosses and lands some direct fire-bomb hits on the pirate’s gas bag blimp… setting her ablaze. Jiyan scores a few shots – snapping a couple support cables holding the pirates vessel to the airbag… unsettling the pirates marksmen. The expert loading and reloading from barrel allows the defensive cannons to achieve good targets… smashing large holes in the pirate ship. The defensive cannon took a direct hit… but Barrel does a good job in clearing the problems to keep the cannons firing. Even Det. Garrick pulls her pistols and snipes a few shots into the pirate marksman. Soon the melee reaches its peak… the pirate ship starts to disintegrate mid-air… full of holes and burning… they spin down out of sight. Victory!

Barrel sets to repairing the ship… and the rest of that party takes a breather. Soon from the clouds the outline of a large and strange floating mechanical city comes into view. Cautiously the Excelsior circles the large floating mass… its huge… nearly equal the size of grand spire in area… but floating seemingly effortlessly in the clouds.

Ray decides that the party must go investigate this strange place… he has the ship pull close – dropping the party off at the edge of the vast metal plain…. full of cogs, gears, springs.. and riveted bulkheads.. a massive “machine”?

The party comes across various Automatons … all similar in size and construction… humanoid sized (5’) for the most part… all working on building and assembling the sky city… making rivets from molten iron streams that crisscross the metal plain… some manufacturing other automatons. Some with hammers – others with welding gear… all at work. the automations pay no mind to the party members… they just work.

Det. Van Garrick insists on talking to the little metal beings… asking them where and what is this place… who is in charge…etc. With this the automaton turns its head as if to listen… then points with its free arm…towards the center of the vastness. To a huge metallic facade. A giant face some 20 stories tall. Around this automaton … other automatons point in the same direction. The pointing spreads – first by the one – then by two… then by 4… 8…16… 32 … etc. Soon the entire area is filled with pointing. The party takes the hint… and travels towards the face – the center.

After reaching the central face – the group notices a larger causeway leading below the face … an entrance perhaps? To the side – Jiyan notices what soon appears to be a wrecked zeppelin … burned out with its passenger compartment broken and to the side. Getting closer the party notices a number of larger metal spiders crawling over the wreck. Pulling parts of metal off the wreck… and passing them off to other automatons whom move off with the parts. The party doesn’t get close enough to impede the “work” and doesn’t get noticed (DM roll).

Barrel doesn’t like what he sees… and takes the time to make his way back to the Excelsior to have the airship move back… and stay away incase they get attacked. Soon he is back with the party – whom decide to go down the entry “hall”…under the large metal face.

We finish the session with the party at a large iron/metal/cog door…


Floating city

Van has mentioned openly (when we decided to go north) that the settlement to the north has gone quiet, and all who have gone to see what’s up with them have never come back. She has more details if anyone asks questions.

Floating city
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