Shattered Realms of Khürn

The Shadow King

… in which the party has freed the captured and liberates the darkness…

After cutting Reials loose the golden Inevitable stands… and questions the party about whom they are, where she is… etc. She also explains that she was tricked and captured by Wolfgang and that she can’t leave the room. The room is a sort of insulator to the planes and to the rest of the physical plane. She also explained that she can’t leave this realm without her sextant – and that Wolfgang must have taken it after binding her. She was summoned to the room from Mechanicus and she can’t leave without the caster breaking the circle essentially.

The party deliberates for a bit and decides not to free Reials at this point – instead they decide to explore the lower sections of the sky titan. They travel down back past the doors they came in and into the warmer – steamer furnace/foundry. There they locate Wolfgang whom waives them down to his work area. He seems… ok.

A mad scientist he is … and after explaining the basics the party tries to convince him of his lost way. The emperor is dead and he shouldn’t still be on this “cleansing” mission. Det. Van Garrett and Whillamina are very good talkers… and soon they have him agreeing with them on a new direction. They insist that he takes a trip with them to see the Queen to explain that its been a long time and he really does need to stop.

After making their way back to the airship Excelsior and capt. Ray – they start heading towards home – and the grand spire.

Through some preplanned engagement the party has Wolfgang out of his stateroom so Many-Names can explore Wolfgang’ss belongings…. which consists of a leather oversized doctors bag… after disabling a electrical trap on the latch Many-Names finds various things inside the bag (of holding). A very nice spanner and an odd mirror… on further investigation the mirror shows the location of the Temporal Sextant… and its not in the bag. The sextant was shown to be sitting on a bookcase – caked in dust… and soon a devilish face enters the frame of the mirrors refection – Fredrick 24th… he is the 24th resurrection of Spitz Pershing … whom was put on life support by Wolfgang… whom is now a steam-lich – and is quite angry.

… The party immediately has a meeting with the captain and debate what to do. One part of the party wants to send a message to the crown or council to let them know of the power behind the throne… yet another wants to notify the military powers … and yet another thinks the party needs to do this in person. Soon the party sets out back to the sky titian – and a plan to free Reials is hatched – and for her under contract to confront Fredrick 24th – the steam-lich.

… soon the party has traveled back across the oceans and are joined by the lumbering sky-titan… to engage the false emperor.

The climatic battle unfolds with a skiff from the Excelsior closing onto the grand spire …spire room. At the top of the spire in an old throne room / memorial. Many-names tosses a grenade and shatters the dull glass dome … and Reials jumps down an through the shattering glass. The party lowers by rope and ladder to assist in the assault. Reials charges Fredrick 24th… while the party handles the steam-powered machine guardians.

After a long and tough fight – Fredrick’s guardians are dispatched… and Reials gets a killing blow on the Shadow king… nearly lifeless – Reials falls to the marble floor. The party gets her the sextant… and shortly the Inevitable has her door to her realm open – where then she thanks the party and escapes.

The party surveys the room… in time to have the queens guard burst into the room…

We will wrap up at the next session… I will get you all experience points and a master list of items “found” in the room…


The only good fight is the avoided one.


The Shadow King

My Metal Guards did awesome. — I loved the fact I was able to tinker.

The Shadow King
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